Application Process


We have an open door for any families who wish to view our facilities at any time. Feel free to make an appointment prior to your visit.

An initial time is to be arranged between the parent(s)/guardian and the Service Director prior to enrolment. Each parent will receive a ‘Parent Handbook’ and written copies of detailed information pertaining to the service (such as current staffing, room information, fees etc). Opportunity will be given for parents to ask questions, and parents will be asked questions about how they care for their child and what they would like their child to gain out of being at the Pre School.

Parents are given the opportunity to read and discuss the service philosophy and policies before completing the Enrolment form. This information can also be found on this website. Parents are to sign appropriate sections on the Enrolment form to indicate that they are aware of, and accept the current service philosophy and policies (available for viewing upon request at any time from the Service Director’s office). The full completion of an Enrolment form is necessary before a child can be accepted into care.  A child’s booking may be changed upon request, provided that there is an existing vacancy and the rules of priority access are applied. Any requests for a change of booking must be done in writing.

Enrolment Procedures:

 A child’s name can be placed on the waiting list at the time of conception, or, in the case of adoption, at the time the adoption is applied for. The service maintains waiting lists for parents seeking care for their child/ren. Places will be offered for any group that has not exceeded the maximum amount of students per session.  A child can be enrolled to attend just 1 session per week, or alternatively can be enrolled for any amount of sessions, up to the maximum for their age (3 year old groups – 2 sessions, Preschool groups – 3 sessions per week).

Birth Certificates and Current Immunisation Statement must be provided before places will be offered.


A fee of $50.00 per child is payable on enrolment. A charge of $20 is allocated to administration costs with the remaining $30 portion of this being refunded against fees charged during term 4 of 4 year old attendance (just prior to school entry) but is forfeited if the child does not commence care. A waiting list of all interested users is kept in the service and updated once a year, prior to our November AGM.

In the first term that your child is enrolled $100.00 will be placed onto your account as a Family Contribution Deposit.

We understand that to achieve these things for the Preschool, requires ‘time’ volunteered by families. However we also acknowledge that for some families, they are unable to contribute time and would prefer to make a financial contribution instead.  Either way, the preschool will benefit from the time or money all families have contributed.

$100 ‘Family Contribution’ Deposit – for Working Bees and Fundraising:

  • After much thoughtful discussion, the committee decided to put into place the ‘Family Contribution Deposit’ that has been suggested. All families will be invoiced an amount of $25.00 each Term with their fees (eg $100 beginning of the Term 1). If you attend the recommended two working bees and contribute to four fundraisers (2 per semester) for the year, your $100 deposit will be fully reimbursed to you at the end of the year. If you’re unable to contribute to these, then your $100 deposit will be kept as a financial contribution from your family, and you are exempt from the above recommendations.

3-4 year old starts at $10.35 for 6 hour session.

4-5 year old starts at $5.00 for a 6 hour session


Fees can be paid via Bank Transfer, cash or cheque at the Preschool or preferred is via Direct Debit through Childcare Easypay.



Enrolment Form 2018

Parent Handbook (UPDATED 18th FEB 2016)


Please Note: No enrolment is finalized until all paperwork is returned and deposit is paid to the preschool.

As per policy update in 2018, Enrolments for only Gol Gol address will be open in The 1st Term 12 months prior to your child’s booking, therefore after, bookings are open to families from outer region beginning Term 2.