Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures

At Gol Gol Preschool we see the ‘Early Years’ as an integral part of the life of our future adults. Our philosophy, together with the policies and procedures, guide our work.  For extensive information on our Policies & Procedures please find the folder near the visitor’s sign-in book in the Preschool foyer.

What if my child gets sick?

In accordance with New South Wales Health Department advice, children with infectious diseases must NOT come to the service for certain specified times (an infectious diseases list is available in the service office). Children who become sick during the session will be allowed to quietly rest while parents are notified.

Accidents/Sudden Illness:

For injuries of a minor nature, first aid will be administered at the service. Should a serious illness or accident occur, every effort will be made to contact parents.  However, it may be necessary to seek immediate medical assistance.  It is therefore essential that service records are kept accurate and so parents are expected to keep the service informed of emergency contact numbers and all other pertinent medication information. An accident/injury form will be filled out by staff and a signature will be requested from parents.


The following is a summary of the procedures for administering medication to children at our service:

  1. The parent or legal guardian must request in writing for service staff to administer prescription medications by completing the “Administration of Medication” form available from the office.
  2. The medication must be in a clearly labelled container  by a pharmacist showing the:
  •          Name of the Child the medication is intended for
  •          Name of the Medication
  •          The “use by” date
  •         Child’s Medical practitioner
  •         The dosage- frequency of administering
  •         The ailment or reason for the medication being given.

3. All medication is stored in the lockable container in the communal kitchen.

4. Oral medication such as analgesics and over-the-counter medication that have not been authorised by the child’s medical practitioner will not be administered by staff members.

5. Parents can attend to the administration of such medication at the time(s) required.

6. No staff members will administer intravenous injections.



The preschool program recognizes that toileting for a child is an individual and personal experience; therefore there is no scheduled washroom time during preschool hours. Each child is encouraged to communicate with a Preschool Educator when they need to go to the toiler so the Preschool Educators are aware of the whereabouts of your child. Recognizing that the child to staff ratio for the program is 1:10, it is helpful to have your child fully toilet trained for their entry into preschool.

Record Keeping and Privacy:

Our preschool complies with the National Privacy Principles, which form part of the Privacy Act 1998, in that we:

  • Only collect information that is necessary and explain why we need this information
  • Ensure that information we have is complete, accurate and up to date
  • Protect your personal information from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure
  • Maintain confidentiality.


General Information

 Hours of Operation:

Gol Gol Preschool operates Monday to Friday from 9:15am to 3:15pm (Caterpillars, Butterflies, Frogs and Tadpoles groups) Outside these hours staff are allocated non-contact time and preparation time during which they develop and maintain a high quality educational program for 40 weeks of the year.   The preschool office is open from 8:45am to 4:45pm Monday to Friday.  Phone messages and emails sent to the Service Director are checked daily.

Communication with Parents:

We currently utilise a number of communication methods:




Emails (director@golgolpreschool.com)

Parent Pockets (in the foyer)

Monthly Committee Meetings


Upon enrolment, families will be given an invitation to join our online communication tool, Storypark.  On a daily basis, Educators daily will post photos, information and reflect on what your child has done for the day. Parents can invite extended famiy members to join the online tool if they wish. Any information posted on Storypark is only available to our educators and our preschool community. Each individual family has the choice to give other’s permission to access child’s photos and see the information posted about their child.  If your child is going to be absent then you can let the educators know  by sending a message. You can also share photos and family events (birthdays) with our educators to show the class. We love seeing a snapshot of our students home.


Please ‘like’ us and check out our Facebook page for posts on upcoming events.


We’ve recently undertaken an overhaul of our website (http://golgol-preschool.com) We think its much more functional and user friendly space. We strive to update it regularly, so please visit at your leisure and let us know what you think… any feedback is appreciated.


Our Director may correspond with you via email about important information and upcoming events you may like to be involved in. On enrolment, you will be asked to provide an email address contact. Please make sure you advise us if your email address changes.

Parent Pockets-

Please regularly check your child’s “parent pocket” located in the foyer. Your child’s door will also have upcoming reminders about events and information for parents.

Monthly Committee Meetings-

Our committee (run by parents) meets on the third Wednesday evening each month at 7pm at the Preschool Meeting Room. We welcome any parents to come along and give us feedback or help with our fundraising events.

Lunchbox Guidelines:

Gol Gol Preschool will role model healthy eating and activity throughout the day to all children and families and adheres to Munch and Move guidelines as requested by the New South Wales Government. We promote the six key Munch and Move messages to promote healthy, active habits in children from a young age; and develop menus in accordance with the Australian Government Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood Settings, and the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia.

As part of the NSW Munch and Move initiative, our Preschool receives funding allocated for staff training as well as sporting equipment following these guidelines. If you have any questions in relation to the Munch and Move Program feel free to ask your child’s educator.





Complaints & Feedback:

Gol Gol Preschool welcomes parent’s comments and concerns in all areas of the Preschool Service. Please feel free to contact Tara at the preschool on 50 248465 or via email on director@golgolpreschool.com or our Committee President, Alana Mills alana.brady@gmail.com

Birthday Cooking:

Due to potential allergy issues, we ask parents not to bring in birthday cakes or treats from home. Our educators will program a cooking experience based on your child’s choice of treat/snack/cake/muffins to cook within the classroom environment. This way we can have a celebration with everyone included.

If you would like to come in and do a special activity with the children for your child’s birthday, you are most welcome to do so. Some suggestions are: fruit skewers create birthday hats or badges.

Books and Treasures from Home:

Children are given a bag or box from time to time or an allocated day for this to happen – please check with your child’s teacher as some items are more appropriate than others e.g. photos of a holiday rather than toys.

These are just a small sample of information about some of our Policies and Procedures. More information in regards to our Preschool Policies and Procedures can be found in the Preschool Foyer.